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2 Fritz Sound Lab FE128 with Cardioid and Omni capsules
1 EV RE-20

1 Shure SM7B

2 Sennheiser 421

2 Altec M53
1 Studio Projects C1 (modded)
5 SM 57

2 Blue Encore 100i
1 Sterling Audio ST44 Tube
1 Audix i5
1 AT 2020

Microphone Rentals available from various sources

Gear List

2 Focusrite Saffire Pro 40
iZ Radar 24 with Classic Converters
Motu 2408 MKII (To convert TDIF to ADAT to interface Radar)
32 channels total

Otari MX5050 MK3 8 Track

Otari MX5050 MK1 2 Track

Scully 280 Mono

Yamaha HS-80

Quested H-108 with Hafler
Home built Auratones
Grado Labs SR325

Grado Labs SR80

Various Sennheiser and Shure Headphones

All gear listed is also available for mobile recording services.

Need other gear? Just let me know and I can make arrangements to get what you need!

Yamaha M1516 Fully Recapped. All discrete preamp. Modified to have direct outs. Transformer on direct outs. Sounds like a cross between an API and a Neve. 

Kyle Wierzba Recording, LLC


Telephone: 716~574~9288



Areas of expertise:  Studio Recording, Live Recording, Mixing, Mastering and Live Sound.


                       Recording ~ Mixing ~ Mastering ~ Live Sound

UREI LA 4 (IC mod, Vactrol detector mod)
CBS Audimax
(Attack, Release controls added, Input knob added)
Langevin Discrete Dual Mic Pre

Pioneer Tube Spring Reverb

Lexicon MX200

Digitech RDS1900

Roland SDE1000
Alesis MIDI Verb II
MXR Dual Limiter No. 136

Drawmer DS201

Alesis 3630

​JBL M712
DBX 119 (x2)
Sansui Reverberation Amplifier RA-500
Harris MSP-90
Rane GE-14 Graphic EQ
Korg Kaoss Pad

DIY Plate Reverb