​Caitlin Koch

Adam Wakefield

Justin Allen and the Well Shots

Sam Hadfield

London Symphony Orchestra

Savannah King

Narwhal Empire

Angelo Santelli

The Reign of Kindo

David Nipper

Quinn Deveaux

Super Shaker

Ida Kristen

Chris Weinholtz

Leroy Townes Band

​Lower Town Trio

Hugh Yamada

Ronnie Davis

Sue Kincaid

Terry Sullivan



The Steam Donkeys

The Heavenly Chillbillies

George Puleo

Gary Mallaber

Pardi Gras

The Go Round

Patti Parks Band

Louie Marino

Kenny Hawkins

Jerry Livingston

Last Stand For Lucy

Alison Pipitone

John Kloberdanz

David Kayne

John Bacon Jr.

Bob James & Grace Stumberg


Colors in the Air

Respect Mother



Andrew Halliday

Machine Gun Microphone

Here On Earth

Chris Krtanik
Rick Field
Bruce Wojick
Jamie Holka
Ron Lasalle
Frank Grizanti​​


                       Recording ~ Mixing ~ Mastering ~ Live Sound